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Daisy's Vintage & Classic Cars

We are currently running two cars, which, like our other cars, all have names and we know some of their history.

Dolly Daimler

Dolly is a 1967 Daimler Majestic Major, she was the only one of these vehicles imported new into South Australia. This luxury English saloon was originally owned by Sir Edward Hayward, the owner of John Martin's Department Stores.

A rare car, even in its hey day (only 1184 built) it is one of 9 out of 30 still running in Australia. There are thought to be 30 road driven cars left in the world.


Choco is a chocolate brown 1968 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, originally owned by Haighs Chocolates. These cars were first released in 1965 and were sold as "The Best Cars in the World".

By modern standards both the cars still offer high levels of comfort, luxury and elegance.

They add that "touch of class" and indulgence to your day.

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